Board Elections 2021

Welcome to the Forest Growers Levy Trust Board 2021 Board Elections website. Here you will be able to nominate candidates, have your questions answered, view candidate information and cast your vote.

Key Dates

Nominations: Open Monday 13 September 2021 Make a Nomination
Close Friday 1 October 2021
Voting: Open Thursday 11 October 2021
Close Friday 22 October 2021

The FGLT Board have appointed Research New Zealand to run this process accepting nominations via a specified nomination form on this website and running the election.


The Board consists of four large grower representatives (more than 1,000ha), two small grower representatives and an independent chosen by the Board.

More than 1,000ha representatives: Geoff Thorp, Phil Taylor, Robert Green and Peter Clark.

Fewer than 1,000ha representatives: Ian Jackson and Steve Wilton

Information on the current FGLT Board:

Reason for Election

Under the rules of the FGLT (Rule 4.4), the clause provides that an election be held in 2021 and that one half of the elected board members shall retire. One board member elected under Rule 4.3a (less than 1000 hectares) and two board members elected under Rule 4.3b (more than 1,000 hectares) shall come up for re-election.

Under the FGLT rules, in 2021, the three Board members due to retire and who can offer themselves for re-election are I Jackson (fewer than 1,000 hectares category) and R Green and P Clark in the more than 1,000 hectare category.

S Wilton – fewer than 1,000 hectare category, and due for retirement in 2023, has resigned from the Board.

Therefore this Election is for two more than 1,000ha representatives, and two fewer than 1,000 ha representatives.

An elected Board Member's term is four years.

Nomination process

Nominations for the Board Election will be open from 13 September to 1 October 2021.

Those Board members retiring may offer themselves for re-election.

Under Rule 4.7 nominations for election to the Board shall be called by public notice and through industry communications at least three weeks before the date determined for the commencement of the election and the names of candidates and voting arrangements shall be announced by public notice and through industry communications at least two weeks before the conclusion of the election.

The criteria for nominating candidates to stand in the Board Election are as follows:

  • A nominator can be the forest owner of a qualifying forest or a person who represents the forest owner of a qualifying forest, where that owner is not a natural person.

  • For the purposes of the nomination and election process, a qualifying forest is a forest that has a stand or stands of trees of 10 years or more in age (or, for the purposes of this election, planted before 1 October 2011) totalling at least four hectares in area.

  • A nominator can make two nominations as there are two positions in each category.

There are no restrictions as to who can be nominated.The person does not need to be a forest owner or potential levy payer.

Eligible forest owners/entities are able to nominate candidates through an online registration process or by email.

Nominators are required to specify the category in which the nominee will stand in, and confirm that they are eligible to nominate the nominee under the election rules as detailed in the “Rules for Forest Growers Levy Trust Incorporated”.

Further information on the implementation of the levy can be found at

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